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Charleston Belt

Golf Clubs and Flags Crossed

Golf Clubs and Flags Crossed

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This marvelous golf belt boasts a navy blue, dark baby blue, or mint base with multi-colored golf clubs, golf ball, & flags to delight even the most finicky taste. The blue option has a tan leather finish; navy & mint are framed with dark brown leather. This timeless style is one of our most sought-after belt designs. It's the perfect gift for golf-lovers; impeccably crafted with all natural fibers & materials, 100% hand-stitched needlepoint & cotton thread, plus top-quality Cowhide leather & brass buckle. Comfort & durability guaranteed in the 1.25" width. Exclusively produced by Charleston Belt, our designs capture the spirit of outdoor living with natural fabrics, clean lines, & classic colors.

100% hand-stitched -- there are roughly 13,000 individual stitches in each belt. You must see to appreciate the expertise and artisanship involved, resulting in an attractive and stylish piece of apparel to cherish for year to come.

For Correct Fit, the best method is to measure an existing belt from the point where the leather folds around the buckle to the hole most frequently used. If using trouser waist size as a guide, add 3" and round up if an odd number.  

Example:  size 34 pants waist will generally fit best in a size 38 needlepoint belt.  Due to the construction of the belt, it will be a bit stiffer at first and the leather will soften with wearing.

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