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Spring Golf and Great Needlepoint Belt to Capture the Spirit

It's February now and we're starting to look forward to a great season of Spring golf and The Masters.  Featured in the image is one of our customer favs -- beautiful contrasting colors on a hunter green background and chestnut brown leather tabs. Follow the link to see more details. Perfect for the transition from Winter into Spring. 

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Another Great Custom Design for The First Tee of Greater Charleston

We are super-excited to announce that we have a new custom-designed needlepoint belt for the YAC group of the First Tee of Greater Charleston.  This unique belt will be offered for sale ONLY during the first week of February.  A portion of the proceeds will be donated to The First Tee.  Both child and adult sizes are available to order, so get the new year started on the right foot and also get birthday and holiday shopping out of the way.  There are 2 color variations to pick from, pictured below.  Shop On and support this great cause!

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Christmas Goose Acquired!

Our creative director, Caroline Gray, proudly holding her goose acquired for Christmas dinner.  She wanted to do a turkey, but delayed too long in purchasing it and the stores ran out.  Good luck and enjoy!

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