Our Brand

Our mission at Charleston Belt and Suspenders is to design and produce high quality accessories that capture the spirit of Lowcountry living and the richness of our diverse cultural heritage. We use natural fabrics and materials, and strive for clean, uncluttered designs that coordinate well with casual and dress styles.

Potporri Collage

Minimalist and Texture Collection

Minimalist and Texture Collection

If you are interested in neutral and/or monochromatic styles with clean lines,... 

  • Custom Logo Products

    We do custom logo products for clubs, schools, specialty shops, etc. /pages/wholesale

  • Personalized Citadel Needlepoint

    You'll want this if you are a Citadel alum. Trust us. Personalized Citadel Needlepoint

  • Clemson Tiger Paw Canvas Web

    Our canvas web design for the paw - 'nuff said. Shop Paw.